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Updated December 1, 2006

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Ministry of Research and Innovationís Ė

This four-year, $24-million Innovation Demonstration Fund will help companies develop promising new technologies by supporting them at the pilot or demonstration project stage. The fund focuses on new bio-based products (made from biological or renewable materials), environmental and alternative energy technologies. The result will be high-value jobs, future economic prosperity and improved quality of life for Ontario families.

This program targets technologies that have gone through initial testing in the lab, but now need to be tested at the pilot or demonstration stage to see if the technology can be competitive when brought to market.  For example, specific equipment may have to be purchased to pilot the technology or additional expert staff may have to be hired.  A successful pilot often means these technologies have a much greater chance of success than ones at the "idea-only" stage.

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2006 Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit

December 10-12, 2006 Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada
This yearís Summit in Banff will bring together some of the best international speakers to talk about the Canadian biofuels market and its massive expansion. You'll have the opportunity to learn the latest information about the ethanol and biodiesel industry, network with key leaders and meet the players at this third annual Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit.

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Growing the Margins: Energy Conservation and Generation for Farms and Food Processors

April 11-13, 2007 London Convention Centre, London, ON Canada
The Growing the Margins Conference and Exhibition will explore the technological, operating, policy, regulatory, financial and other challenges and opportunities facing farms and related food processing and rural industries as they strive to improve their energy efficiency, better utilize byproducts, and ultimately improve their bottom lines.

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Ag-West Bio Events

Plant Bio-Industrial Oils Workshop- February 27 - 28 Following the resounding success of the last workshop in 2006, Ag-West Bio will host the 3rd Plant-Bio Industrial Oils Workshop this February. This workshop will provide updated information on new research and issues relating to industrial uses of plant bio-oils, industry developments
and initiatives, funding updates, and discussion on next steps for the industry. Click here for more information!

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