The transformation of agricultural-based commodities into environmentally-friendly and cost -competitive products is growing - breathing new life into economy of Southwestern Ontario. The region’s traditional economic leaders - the agriculture, chemical and automotive industries - are facing growing competitive pressures. So the timing is ideal to make Southwestern Ontario a centre for cultivating bioproducts technology and expanding the market for it. The region’s high concentration in agriculture, chemical, plastic and automotive production forms a natural base for the development of new bioproducts.

A network has been formed to capitalize on this unique opportunity, to enhance the competitiveness of the region’s industries, and to generate new sources of economic growth. It’s called SOBIN - Southwestern Ontario Bioproducts Innovation Network.

SOBIN is a not-for-profit organization dedicated advancing new bioproducts and finding new uses for biobased feedstock in manufacturing primarily in the automotive, chemical and energy industries.


The mission of SOBIN is to strengthen the economy of Southwestern Ontario by cultivating new bioproducts, fostering energy conservation and expanding alternative energy sources. We envision progressive companies leading the world in growing all facets of the bioproducts industry in Southwestern Ontario leading to a vibrant regional economy.